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Today we’re launching Hack Digital, which focuses exclusively on progressive digital publishing.

We find that the publishing industry can often be hype-driven. Industry thought leaders can be strangely out of touch with the people and business they lead. Too much time is spent guessing the future, while not enough is spent studying what digital publishing entrepreneurs are doing right now to build their businesses.

At Hack Digital, we don’t have reporters. Our writers are the people in the industry doing the things that typically get reported on. Our readers are the hackers — forward thinking digital entrepreneurs who win with a combination of early adoption, persistent tinkering, and determination. We’re all about grit.

We intend to impart both high and low-level insights. We’ll interview. We’ll write code. We’ll pick apart products, services, and platforms. We’ll get deeper and more technical than anybody this space tends go.

So we’ll cut the shit. We’re not here to push content — we’re here to share ideas that we can all use. If it’s not worth saying, we’re not saying it.

Nobody ever complained that a post was too short. Start hacking.



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